Against the Grain Woodworking & Design

Custom made furniture designed to fit your taste and space, exactly.

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Welcome to Against the Grain Woodworking & Design! This site is your gateway to the finest hand made furniture in Colorado. I can take your idea of that special piece of furniture from design to finished product. Look around and get some ideas or, if you already have that perfect piece in mind, give me a call and we can start making your vision come to life.


My designs range from mountain rustic to city contemporary. Even with the diversity in styles, each piece is expertly crafted to allow for many generations to enjoy them. I like to think that a piece of furniture that leaves my shop will be around long enough for another tree to grow to replace it. Whether it is the show piece you have always wanted or that perfect table to enjoy the family meals on every day, you can be assured it will last a lifetime.

Thank you for visiting my web site and I look forward to hearing from you so we can get that project started.